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Reducing Hard Dollar Expense Model





Flowchart: Alternate Process: Risk Mitigation, Phased Approach
– Study Actuals 
– Establish Rollout Plan 
– Use Reductions to Pay for Project 
Flowchart: Alternate Process: Establish Existing Benchmark
– Study Actual Expenditures 
– Establish General Action Plan 
– Determine Immediate Opportunities 
Flowchart: Alternate Process: How do we know
we have arrived
Flowchart: Alternate Process: How do we get where
we want to be
Flowchart: Alternate Process: Where are we now
Flowchart: Alternate Process: Where do we want to be
Flowchart: Alternate Process: Reduce Existing Asset Costs,
Establish New Cost Allocations

Flowchart: Alternate Process: Monitor Phased Reduction Performance
Measure Gross Reduction Impacts

Multi-Phased, Self Funded Project

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Expand Scope, Design Roll Out, Execute Priorities
  • Define reductions to offset all Phase 1 costs.
  • Produce some hard dollar reductions to pay for Phase 1
  • Prove Project Potentials
  • Define methods to obviate business risks during the Project
  • Define Project Scale issues
  • Establish the main Project Scope & Timeline
  • Define Business "Triggers" to execute Phase 2 and Phase 3
  • Adjust process to existing modus operandi
  • Produce some hard dollar reductions to pay for Phase 2
  • Address larger scale issues / multiple systems; larger business impacts
  • Establish project metrics within enterprise accounting operations
  • Obtain organizational buy in for broad project application
  • Develop plans for Project rollout across the enterprise
  • Establish the Phase 2 and Phase 3 Project Scope & Timeline
  • Adapt Phase 2 process to remaining enterprise organizations and systems
  • Plan the Project rollout for the remaining Corporate
  • Define adaptations to existing processes and document the recommended changes
  • Implement the Project rollout across the planned business structures throughout the enterprise
  • Define and publish a Gap Analysis of existing business process to maintain information accuracy over time
  • Publish Project accomplishment metrics through enterprise accounting operations

Define, Evaluate, Plan

Define, Evaluate, Plan