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Service:   Reduce Allocated Cost Expenditures   


Objective of Results:   Stop the Cash Hemorrhaging from Cost Allocations by Validating, Modeling and Restructuring Organizational Budgets that reflect Changes in Expense Management Responsibilities.


Purpose:   Realign Cost Allocations to Existing Organizations / Departments that Currently Have Responsibility for the Efficient Use of the Asset.    


Issued Solved:   Enable Effective Management and Control of “Run Away” Cost Allocations by Responsible Organizations and Adjust the Organizational Budgets to Reflect the New Allocations.


General Process:   Restructure Organizational Budget and Financial Performance Metrics based on Historical Organizational Performance using a Trial – Validate – Confirm process.

 –  Import Changes to Existing Accounting and Management / Control Systems.



Service:   Increase Integration Velocity of Mergers and Acquisitions    


Objective of Results:  Define, Model and Prioritize the Unification of Mission Critical Operations while Establishing Accurate Business Information Integration Across the Various Business Units. 


Purpose:  Enhance the Implementation of the Company Business Integration Strategy to Expedite the Integration of Additional Accounting and Operational Information from the Acquired Company Organizations.    


Issued Solved:   Quantify and Restructure Acquired Company Business Unit Information and Integrate this Data into the Existing Enterprise Accounting and Operational Systems. 


General Process:   Correlate and Restructure Acquired Company Chart of Accounts and Management Information System Information to Conform to the Existing Enterprise Accounting and Management / Control Systems – Import Change Files containing Re-structured Acquired Company Business Unit Information into the Existing Enterprise Accounting and Business Management Systems.

Service:   Hard Dollar Asset Expendure Reduction


Objective of Results:   Promptly Reduce Hard Dollar Asset Expenditures. 


Purpose:   Reduce Asset Expenditures by Canceling Specific Asset Maintenance Support and Software License line items on Existing Service Contracts.   


Issued Solved:   Reduce Asset TCO Expenses of Non-Existent and Non-In-Service Assets


General Process:   Correlate software License and Maintenance Contract Expenditures to Specific Existing Assets by Line Item Per Contract – Import Line Item Deletions to Existing Accounting Systems to Enable Payable Cancellations.