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Knowledge and Experience Increase Business Velocity

Project Experience Profile







Energis (UK) – Formulated a business creation strategy, operations structure, organizational budgets and mandatory business processes that enabled Energis to begin business two years prior to plan.  Revenues were achieved on time and Profitability was accelerated by two quarters.  


IMPSAT  (AR) – Orchestrated the Civil construction detail information across 7,000 kilometers to locate, select and acquire, 100 + fiber optic / microwave equipment sites including HV power access and back up power.  106 sites were acquired and construction plans completed for 4 buildings within budget and plan.



Global Enterprise




Citibank, International – Formulated strategies and plans that integrated 300+ business operations groups into a cohesive, multi regional operation that reduced hard dollar costs.  The plans were executed and achieved predicted results.  





Deloitte & Touche Tohmatsu – Holland  - Created a phased strategy to drive cost reductions while enabling new business performance metrics that was based upon pending future business triggers, (realized business situations).  The strategy was implemented in four phases and achieved the financial and performance objectives.  


ADVANTIS – Created an alternative technology architecture that reduced existing assets 34%;  reduced TOC expenses 44% and increased business volume capacity by 130%. 

Freeport McMoRan  Formulated and implemented an information distribution strategy that increased business velocity, enhanced existing cost controls and met the business expansion objectives. 



Atypical Enterprise
Cleveland Clinic Foundation   Performed Mass data transformation of technology assets and correlated workload requirements enabling the “impossible” restructuring and compaction of the SBC infrastructure conversion schedule.
Presbyterian Hospital, Albuquerque, NM – Evaluated and adapted the existing business communications infrastructure resolving immediate business constraints while positioning existing assets to meet growth and new application projections within the three year business plan. 



Arizona Power & Light (now Arizona Public Service) – Adapted existing business information collection and reporting processes to meet D.O.E. emergency response regulations for Nuclear Power operators.